Muovi-Simola Oy was founded in 1974 in Kerkkoo, Porvoo. From the beginning our company has been manufacturing reinforced plastic products. The first products, boat hulls, were manufactured for boat builders in Porvoo. In addition different kinds of containers and parts for trains were also produced. The first swimming pool coatings were made in the late 1970s. Helmi - our range of  swimming pools was born in 2006.

In 2008, the two brothers who founded the company stepped down and their sons Juha and Jani took the lead. The two cousins are still running the company to this date. 

”When I´m not working I like spending time with my family. We took our children to baby swimming and that is when I had the idea of swimming pool manufacturing. My family is very keen on swimming, but also on hiking and wandering in the nature.  I enjoy biking and horse back riding as well.” -Juha-

 ”I like spending my free time outdoors; taking care of our house, doing yard work and swimming in the pool we´ve built or just relaxing by it. Cars and motorsports play an important role in my life. In contrast, I also enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. I especially take pleasure in mushroom picking and wandering in the forest. When I´m not at home, my family and I pile into a motorhome and head out onto road. We´ve done fun roadtrips both in Finland and in Southern Europe.” -Jani-

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