Helmi glass fiber pools are both designed and manufactured in Finland. Each pool is handcrafted individually in our factory in Kerkkoo, Porvoo.   

All our pools meet the quality and safety requirements of the pool directive SFS-EN 16528 which came into effect in February, 2016.

We give our pools a 15 year warranty on the structure.


Helmi pools are easy to install. The pool will arrive in one peace to the location. Only the connection of the filtration to the plumbing will take place on the spot. 

The upkeep of the pool is easy and our pools are designed to withstand Finland´s demanding winter conditions.



A Helmi-pool adds luxury to your everyday life.  The stylish Finnish design is suitable for different yards.  The Helmi-pool is a fun and relaxing getaway for both kids and adults.


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