With the purchase of every pool, you will receive detailed instructions for use, foundations and installation.

Helmi-pools are inground pools i.e. they aren’t free standing pools. The excavation hole should be at least 50 cm larger than the length and the width of the pool you choose. This allows enough room for the insulation and gravel filling.  The base of the pool should be at least a meter underground. In addition, there should be enough room for the insulation and the gravel. 

The pool rests on a bed of gravel. One should use about 20 cm of 0-32 mm crushed stone for this bed and it should be tightly packed down with a heavy-duty vibrator. The gravel base determines the levelness of the water so it needs to be perfectly leveled. The base should also have underground drains to prohibit the accumulation of water under the pool. 

On top of the gravel bed, one should always lay down a solid layer of insulation. We recommend the pool to be insulated from all sides in addition to the underneath insulation. This protects the pool from frost. Also, if the pool will be heated, the insulation helps you to keep the cost of heating down measurably.

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