The modern pool water filters are quartz-filters where the filtering substance is high-resolution quartz sand.

The filters use 230 V electricity. They should be placed as close to the pool as possible, so that the loss of efficiency in the pipes is kept at a minimum. 

The filter works by sucking the water in from the surface of the pool via the surface drains and expelling the clean water back to the pool from the nozzles. The buildup of dirt on the filter must be washed off once a week. During this process the pool will loose about 200 to 800 liters of water. The quartz sand should be changed once every 5 years. 

We manufacture our own box (Helmi equipment box) for the filtration equipments. This box can be placed completely underground, for example under the deck. If you purchase this equipment box, your filtration system can be installed in the factory. 

In addition if a swim jet is installed to our pools it will require its own box attached to the pool itself. 


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