Maintenance of Helmi -pools

 Helmi fiber-glass pools are low-maintenance. Here are a few basis steps for maintaining your pool. 

The water should fulfill these criteria:

• the water must be free from germs and bacteria

• there should not be any algae growth

• the water should not contain chemicals that irritate your skin or eyes

   nor should it contain anything that could effect the equipment, plumbing or the pool itself

• the pool water should not have an odor

The filtration system removes mechanical impurities such as hair and dust from the water. However, it can not remove all of the impurities. This is why the bottom of the pool can become dirty. To combat that you vacuum the bottom with either a manual vacuum or with the help of a pool robot. Leaves and branches you can scoop up with a telescopic pool skimmer.

This alone will not suffice. The pool water needs to be disinfected. Chlorine is the most common chemical used to do this. In addition to disinfecting your pool water, you should add algae removal substance to the water.

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